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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
I'm still repping 1,000 lbs. on the bench press, but I stil haven't benn able to hit 1,100 lbs.

Do you think I should up my protein? I'm only eating 1,000 grams / day.
Is this a joke or do you mean 1000 lbs during a set, like 200 x 10 reps?

I like the discussion on low carb, but wish we could avoid some of the insults.
Most of us are still learning and I experienced some of the problems mentioned when I did the Atkins diet 10 yrs ago. I did feel some endurance probs, along
with some cramping issues. Probably needed more fruits and vegi's, but didn't know that at the time and was eating more of them than I had in the past.
Thanks for the info!

I like this thread and would like to join in.

age 51 and hit 230lbs in Oct, 2011...about 29% body fat (bad i know)
started CrossFit and HIIT intervals
and lost about 7 lbs in 2 weeks.

I'm at about 218 lbs and 24% body fat now ( Dec) still doing HIIT,
which really is helping my tennis even with little tm on court, and
have not got to play much tennis lately due to stitches.
I'm thinking now with stitches removed I can hit the courts more
and make a move on breaking the 210 level, maybe 21% bf.

First major goal is to get under 200lbs with about 17% bf
and then on
to somewhere in the 180s like maybe 187 at 12% body fat.
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