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Originally Posted by BMC9670 View Post
The guy I know of went to UVA from '81-'84, which would make him older than 44. Also, rarely do you see runners at that level compete in 100m and 800m. Probably not your guy.
Let me verify his age , I thought he said 44 I may have got that wrong , as for competing , you misunderstood , he ran a few times demonstrating what needed to be done ,trust me No stop watch needed this guy is still extremely quick.

Watching him from the side his strides look like a horses , also his head was as still as a models on a walkway while at full speed .

The focus has been on the driving for the 1st 12-15 meters , with the arms doing the work with very little upper body movement , I never realized how much technique was involved in running.

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