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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Let me verify his age , I thought he said 44 I may have got that wrong , as for competing , you misunderstood , he ran a few times demonstrating what needed to be done ,trust me No stop watch needed this guy is still extremely quick.

Watching him from the side his strides look like a horses , also his head was as still as a models on a walkway while at full speed .

The focus has been on the driving for the 1st 12-15 meters , with the arms doing the work with very little upper body movement , I never realized how much technique was involved in running.
Yes. Top runners have refined technique as well on top of a ton of natural ability - mostly having to do with keeping everything in a straight line (ie - no wasted movement) and staying relaxed. The kinetic chain is also involved - the mechanics of stride and use of the arms, etc.

You're right about being quick. A modern world-class 800m is considered a long sprint. These guys are fast and running 8 consecutive 13 second 100s to cover 800m. They can certainly run a single 100 somewhere in the mid to high 10 seconds. Even at his older age, if this guy is still in shape, he probably makes running look effortless.
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