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I also thought they were the cotton shirts, but they not. they selling on a german website and they just a little less expensive than the polo's and they list the material as being the exact same as the polo's. Also, on his t-shirts they have the rf on the front not on small on the sleeve.

I also do believe that the black/red will be the night session crew for the aussie open. when I saw the brown stripe I had that feeling. Could be very possible!

The other option I'm going for is:

Aussie Open
Day session: Red polo with brown shorts. (I really hope he doesn't wear white shorts again. so I'm still holding hope of brown shorts)
Night session: Black/khaki polo with brown shorts.

Rotterdam/Dubai/ IW
Blue/Abyss polo with white shorts

Day Session: white/blue crew with blue shorts.
Night session: black/red crew with black shorts.

I know he has never had 2 outfits for anything other than Aussie and Us open, however he always wears something extremely different at Miami. 09- wore that white/brown polo with blue bandana. 10- he wore ORANGE!! 11- he wore peach and grey! so based off that I'm going off on a limb and predicting a day and night session in Miami. I bet he doesn't wear the white polo, as referenced by Gianni earlier. Nike are pretty clever though we must say, they have got me excited by this line because we don't know what the combinations are. Im sure I'm not the only one either, and I bet everyone will be tuning in to watch Roger play in Abu Dhabi end of next week.
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