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Originally Posted by wy2sl0 View Post
Are you joking? Your name is obviously Crazy man for a reason.
"One of the things that Federer has improved the most is the forehand. Yep, it's not as strong as Djokovic's, Nadal's of Murray's but it's definately in the league just behind it (with Tsonga and Soderling) . Murray I think beats Federer in the forehand department simply because of the angles he can produce."

Federer has the best forehand in tennis - noone is close. End of discussion.

Maybe you don't understand that he is essentially the only player that, as Nadal has said in his book, can "make winners from nothing".

From a consistency point of view you could say those 3 are better, but not "overall".

Murray (among others) can play tennis at a level as high, if not, higher than Federer. Federer is getting better every year, n00b! As for the forehand, that can be said with my first statement.
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