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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
I go about 6x per year for work and stay at the Hilton Jumeirah and last year had the hotel get me tickets. I am hhonors platinum but I sent an email and they called me about a month out and had excellent reserved seats for myself and friends. If you stay at any of the major hotels or resorts the conseierges will do must anything for you.
It's one of those events where connections mean everything (like pretty much anywhere in the middle east).

One HUGE piece of advice DO NOT RENT A CAR use a driver or matter how temped and easy it is to drive in Dubai or Abu Dhabi getting into even a small fender bender is the biggest hassles to go througtorpor a non citizen/non resident.
Thanks for the advice. Glad you got to go.

Since I'll be paying for my own hotel it won't be that high end, so I doubt they'll help me. From the description on their website they aren't going to change their ticket selling practices - there are plenty of other tournaments to go to. And Fed isn't playing...

And I don't drive in foreign countries, ever, for that very reason.
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