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Originally Posted by West Coast Ace View Post
Thanks for the advice. Glad you got to go.

Since I'll be paying for my own hotel it won't be that high end, so I doubt they'll help me. From the description on their website they aren't going to change their ticket selling practices - there are plenty of other tournaments to go to. And Fed isn't playing...

And I don't drive in foreign countries, ever, for that very reason.
All the major hotels will do most anything for guests - if you are a regular than you really can get ANYTHING no kidding.

Well I'm in Paris this week and London after Tuesday and I love driving here. But in the middle east - NEVER - about 3 yrs ago we had to drive and I was a passenger but my brother was driving and we got hit sitting at a stop sign. WE got ticketed and fined - in the end we were told WE should not have been at that stop sign and it was our fault the driver hit us????? Oh well.
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