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Like some others, I started with a Spalding Pancho Gonzales($5.65 @ Western Auto!), bought a NINE dollar Gonzales a year or so later and then the Spalding Smasher. The early '70s brought all sorts of new shapes and constructions. Fortunately, I started working in a tennis shop in '72. The list of rackets I actually played with would fill a few pages in this thread, I reckon.

I have 'replicated' some of those early models from my tennis 'youth'. The original Gonzales, couple of Smashers, T3000, Arthur Ashe Competition from the earliest years; Yonex YY7500, Rawlings Tie Breaker, Red Head, Slazenger Professional(wood), Fischer Superform from the later '70s.

Could fill a room IF I had kept all my personal playing frames from my rep days with Rossignol, Pro Kennex, Dunlop, Yonex, Puma and Yamaha. The only frame I actually have from those days is a prototype Kennex Micro Mid. Enjoyed playing with that stick off and on for a year. Still hit it from time to time.
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