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I started out with a $2.00 wooden racket from the dime store when I was 12 and just learning the game.

After a few years I got a $7.00 Wilson (wood press included) from a Sporting Goods store. It had black and white trim and *red* strings! I played with that racket until sophmore year in college when I lost in an intramural tournament to a T 2000. I bought a used T 2000 and played with that until senior year when I lost to an Arthur Ashe Competition.

I bought *that* AAC, made the tennis team as a walk on, and earned a varsity letter. I played with that racket from then on until entering a layoff period when I only played maybe once or twice a year for the next 30.

During the second half of that layoff, I dabbled with a Becker Super, Prince Pro 110, and a Prince Precision Graphite before ending my long layoff and joining up with some serious weekend players a couple years back.

Since then, and after joining TT, I learned about and acquired some used POGs. The 90, OS and LB, all of which are "serving" me well.

However, in the last few months I've done a 360 and have been playng with wood again. I found a Jack Kramer Autograph, the racket the best players in my college conference were using at the time, and I love it.

I'll be hitting with it come spring, and can't wait to see how I play with it. I think I'll do fine as long as I don't come up against a T 2000
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