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Djokovic was serving at 3-4, 15-30 in the 5th. Djokovic pops up a weak backhand volley crosscourt and close to the net. Ball bounces near net a few feet from Fed's ad-court alley while Federer sprints toward it from the opposite corner of the court.

Federer reached the shot with ease, and I was expecting him to rip a backhand passing shot down the line to set up a double break point that would have been a virtual match point. Djokovic was probably expecting him to do that shot, as he knew he was too close to the net to react to it.

But Federer couldn't help himself. It looked to me like Federer saw an opportunity to try a crowd-thrilling below-the-net around-the-netpost backhand buggy whip hook shot. Would have made Espn highlights if he made it.

Unfortunately, the ball wasn't wide enough for Fed to execute the round-the-netpost shot, and he buried it halfway up the net.

This was very reminiscent of his 2005 AO loss where he missed the tweener on match point when he could have easily passed Safin with a routine forehand, then went on to lose the match.

I'll bet this one is even more painful than the 2005 AO loss though, because his chances are running out.

or. he just missed a shot.
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