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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
The Casio FH100 does a great job for stroke analysis. It has MANUAL shutter speed control down to 1/40,000 sec shutter speed to minimize motion blur (= see the ball on the racket strings). I am not certain but I believe there are currently no other affordable high speed video cameras being offered with MANUAL exposure control, they are all AUTO exposure. Motion blur is is not minimized by cameras with AUTO exposure control.

The FH100 also has small Jello Effect distortions based on some Jello Effect tests that I have done. See Jello Effect videos -

For the above HSV cameras the Jello Effect should be measured if accurate videos are needed for stroke analysis. Also, the recording time for high speed video needs to be determined as some HSV cameras only record for a few seconds.

Unfortunately, I believe that the Casio FH100 is no longer manufactured so you may have to search for a new one still in stock or buy a used one.

The FH100 will only record to a maximum video file size of 4 Gb (17+ minutes for HD). To record longer, for example, on a 32 Gb SD card, the camera must be retriggered. For 240 fps with corresponding low resolution the FH100 will record almost 11 minutes.

To record an entire match in HD there are other cameras that will do better than the Casio FH100 but for stroke analysis the FH100 is exceptional. The Casio F1(2008), FH20 and FH25 also have MANUAL exposure control for HSV.

Toly asked about analysis software. Kinovea is free, open source analysis software that allows comparison of videos side-by-side as often seen in golf swing comparisons.
Can you shoot 120 fps in wide screen with that camera? I found these vids showing slo mo in a wide format compared to 4:3 ratio in other vids from the FH100....

...or was it maybe cropped into a wider format in another program before being put on YT?

I'm starting to think maybe a hi speed cam like the FH100 for stroke analysis AND a camcorder for taping match play is the best way to go....
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