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Originally Posted by Torut View Post
I am currently in the process of looking for a decent camera to video entire matches. I have looked and looked but am just overwhelmed by the all the different specs on the cameras. So I am looking for reccomendations of what you may have that works already. Price is a big concern and I don't need professional level quality. I would like something that can be compatable with Dartfish if I ever decide to break down and use it. However at this time I just want something I can plug up to my big screen or computer monitor and analyze match footage. Looking to keep the price under $400. Any recomendations would help especially experiences with a given camera. Thanks in advance.
I am not a video-file and cannot give you all the specs but I recently received the Kodak PLaySport and I am happy with it ...

I have recorded 120 minutes at 720P / 60HZ frame rate. I am able to use media player to get 1/2 speed slow motion which I find good enough. It does not have the capacity to use higher frame rates but the price is good and the picture quality is quite nice.

All totaled it cost less than $150 including a 16 GB card (which will record 2.5 hours) and a fish eye attachable lens. I am able to set up the camera on top of the net and record the entire baseline. Here is a short video I produced for another thread.
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