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Originally Posted by chalkflewup View Post
School and excelling in school can be taxing. Competing on the tennis court is the complete opposite.
Maybe I am missing some of the logic here but how so? School is mental exercise and by all means students should enjoy it. Tennis is physical and mental exercise and players should enjoy it. Yet, many students (not all) take summers off in order to recover and relax a little bit. You take summer break in order to give yourself time to rest and reflect on your last school year and see what you can improve on. We view tennis in somewhat the same fashion (for our family at least, once again it may not be true for everyone). I would like you add some more to your statements instead of being so vague. Such as: what makes it the opposite, what evidence do you have for your thoughts, etc?

During tournaments/competition, players give it their all and they get nervous because they want to do their best. As long as they want to do their best for the right reasons then I do not see what the problem is. But after many tournaments during Jan-Sept/Oct the players tend to need a little break from tournaments so they can reflect on the past years worth of competition and appreciate tournaments more. The players are national level players, not future pros but future collegiate players. They are just doing it for fun and because of their love of competition.

Could you please elaborate on what is wrong with taking a "mental break" from tennis? Once again, I am just sharing my families experience.
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