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Originally Posted by newmark401 View Post
Do you mean that Bob Hewitt has been convicted of molesting children, or that certain people, including alleged victims, have only said he did so? Because you can allege that someone did something without it's actually being true. Allegations can cause great damage to a person's character, but they don't stand up in a court of law.
Generally when you have multiple people coming forward and saying that he violated them sexually, it's a pretty good indication that Hewitt is a terrible person and a rapist.

I saw the real sports special, and the women that were interviewed seemed pretty genuine to me. Additionally, what's their motivation to lie and fabricate a story? There isn't any money in this, hell the statute of limitations has already passed, so Hewitt will probably never be formally charged with the crimes... I find it hard to believe that a dozen women just got together and decided to tarnish Bob Hewitt's reputation with a story involving sexual abuse, solely for a laugh...

That deserves a huge Come on Man!
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