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Originally Posted by li0scc0 View Post
Generally there is no statute of limitations with respect to r.a.p.e.. What am I missing here?
Tilden was convicted.
This does not excuse Hewitt, but why the double standard?
Uh, I just gave one reason right above your post. Tilden's sex life was kept separate from his tennis. Hewitt, in contrast, traded on his position in the tournament tennis community to fish in those waters.

It is interesting that back in the 1970s and '80s when I read about tennis, the big scandal was not that Tilden's playmates were minors (I get the feeling they were in their mid to late teens), but that he was homosexual. Back then, the objection to having sex specifically with minors is that you were morally corrupting them (and that accusation vanished if the teen in question had already been corrupted, i.e., was not a virgin, when you first had sex).

Of course, any sort of sex outside of marriage was considered immoral in Tilden's era, and if you crossed the state line and had sex it became a federal offense (the Mann Act: "Transporting a woman across state line for an immoral purpose") and the FBI might get involved.

Hotels had their own private detectives to look out for people sneaking lovers into hotel rooms, just as they might today investigate a customer suspected of selling drugs from his room.

The 1970s was when the bohemian rejection of sexual morality (i.e., what, until then, had always been considered sexual morality) spread to the general population. For all we know, Hewitt might have told himself that he was liberating and enlightening these girls. (I suppose few wish to admit to being a selfish and bullying pig.)
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