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Originally Posted by 10isDad View Post
Impressions so far. First a couple caveats: the facility doesn't afford particularly good viewing unless the matches are on the near courts. Also, I'm generally looking through the camera, which can give a one sided and incomplete impression of the matches.

So far, the most impressive player I've seen is TJ Pura. So far, just about everything has gone right. His timing has been impeccable and most shots are falling in. He's definitely hitting the biggest ball here, most with outstanding depth. He's getting to balls that would be winners against most players. It's been refreshing to see a guy not complain when he misses a shot. The strongest words out of his mouth yesterday came on a shot missed wide: "That was gross".

The #1 seed, Yee, has looked a bit off but has a definite 'never say die' attitude on court. Brymer has looked good so far - hitting it rather large. Phoenix local Dominic Patrick has had a relatively easy time so far, basically flabbergasting opponents with the ability to retrieve just about everything while rarely missing.

Watched the majority of Baughman v #3 seed Naumann w/o the camera. Interesting match. Naumann won the first set relatively easily by basically standing back and absorbing body blows from Baughman and redirecting Baughman's pace or patiently waiting til Baughman either hit a ball out or in the net. In the 2nd set the pair traded some breaks with Baughman winning the set after a double-fault. Naumann had to get a medical timeout early in the 3rd, due to a thigh issue, from which he really wasn't able to recover and he ultimately retired.
Good win for Deiton against a high seed.

nice pics as well.
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