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Originally Posted by li0scc0 View Post
The whole concept of statutory R.A.P.E. is that the YOUTH is not of an age to CONSENT.
So, Tilden R.A.P.E.D. children as did Hewitt.
Class acts, neither of them.
One of the reasons why I have been defending Bill Tilden on these boards is because I know that, whatever he did with the two adolescents in question, in reality he certainly did NOT r-a-p-e either of them. In fact, from what I've read he didn't really do much with them, although what he did was, of course, against the law. That is why he was sentenced and served a certain amount of time followng each misdemeanour. And rightly so.

Now, if Tilden had really raped one of those boys, I don't think that he would have been let out of jail ever again. As it was, he was let out early for good behaviour after serving only part of one sentence (the first, I think). So those who would (still) have him hung, drawn and quartered are rather wide of the mark. And their lust for some sort of empty vengeance will never be satisfied.

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