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Originally Posted by willroc7 View Post
High Tennis,

I assume you start in the near court. You have a nice serve and good strokes. The good news is the technical aspects of your swings look pretty good to me. However, here are some things you can work on to improve.

Work on getting fully prepared to hit your groundstrokes. This includes court positioning, footwork, and body position when you are about to begin your swing. Keep your feet happy and make as many adjustment steps as possible to put yourself in the most ideal position possible to execute your best shot (forehand). While moving to the ball you also want to be setting up your body to unload the kinetic chain. Work on getting your hips and shoulders turned every time, and BEND THOSE KNEES, backhand and forehand. The swing starts with the legs. You get nice leg drive on your serves, bring that into the rest of your game. As a result of your positioning, you are often reaching for and/or arming the ball. See 0:05, 0:15, and 0:25. Maybe you are just warming up here but you also need to warm up your footwork and preparation. At 0:38 you hit a nice forehand but you are still so vertical when you hit it. Since you are mostly arming it, your opponent has the time to recover all the way from the doubles alley on the other side to retrieve it. You should also be moving in here when you see your opponent on the run go to the forehand chip shot, but that's a whole different can of worms. When you load up your legs and shoulders, you hit a good ball (0:55). Focus on doing this more consistently and you should be able to improve significantly. Look at the point at 2:16. You arm back the return, then slowly shuffle back to the middle. You need to be more explosive back to the middle to set up for your next shot. Your preparation on the next shot is very poor. The rest of your forehands in this point are better, with the second to last lacking a bit on kneebend. You win this point but a better opponent will take advantage of these opportunities. If you have more kneebend at 3:06, you will make this shot. When you do recruit your legs, like at 3:20, you hit a much better shot. Work to the point where this is your rally shot. Footwork drills will do you loads of good.

Don't watch your serves. They are strong and you should be looking to pounce on weak returns with your footwork and shot selection. This is your problem at 3:32 and 3:46.

Finally, work on hitting on the run, your forehand in particular. This ties into footwork and positioning somewhat. If you put some serious time into these things you should be able to improve your level around a half ntrp point, in my humble opinion.

Cheers and Happy New Year! If there is interest I will do a similar breakdown for your friend.
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