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Originally Posted by un6a View Post
Thanks for review, it is quite informative. I'm also interesting in Bio 400T and Bio 500T too.
Seems like you prefer 400T over 500T. What are the most important attributes which favors 400T ?
How is the manuverability of the customized 400T comapred to 500T ?
The (customized) 400T vs. AG500T (not Bio):
400T is less stiff (harsh).
400T has better directional and depth control.
SW of customized 400T is about be 318 vs. Bio 500%T (313) and 4D500T (325). The 400T is more headlight and I had no problem getting either racquet in place quickly- both are highly maneuverable.

If someone finds the 500T too harsh and too powerful, the customized 400T should be a great option, if the final weight is not too high (mine is 350gm with lead and leather). Leather is probably not obligatory, but maintains a balance closer to stock - and I like leather. I would like probably like the new stock grip as it is not too spongy.
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