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Originally Posted by rufusbgood View Post
Tell me more.

About how many have you installed? What brands? Ever install a Neumann? What bevel do you start on? Do you use staples? Double faced tape?

More info please.
I never use staples. The grips I use all have double stick tape at the starting end. The brands I remember are Prince, Gamma, TW, and Head.

Picture the racket held vertically (The W for a Wilson facing E) and start on the bevel at 11 o'clock. My hand never touches this portion when I grip the racket, so I arbitrarily chose this location. Others may have a different choice.

I usually re-wrap the grip 2 to 3 times to "pre stretch" the leather and get the tightest wrap around that I can. I keep the overlapping to a minimum for the thinnest layer, as I then put an overgrip on top of the leather. When I'm finished, the grip is usually one size bigger. 4 1/2 > 4 5/8.

Practice and you'll be an expert in short order.
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