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Originally Posted by rkelley View Post
When folks talk about "passive arm" it's not to say the muscles in the chest, arm and wrist are not being used, but the majority of the power is coming from the core rotation that starts with the legs, then through the hips and shoulders. Assuming that the arm is still attached to the shoulder at this point it has to whip around the body.

Check out this video, 0:36. This is what's happening:

And here's a video that shows the whipping action in the full forehand stroke:

If you try to hit 100 mph forehands with just your arms, assuming that's even possible, I think you'll tear your shoulder apart pretty quickly.
Well, this is certainly how I see this whole process. I know, and frequently see, other attempts at hitting the forehand but I just don't happen to agree with them.

I know for example of a guy that can absolutely smack the ball and he stays on the rear foot throughout the stroke. For him, "maybe" it works to a degree but I honestly believe that as good as he presently is (I'm taking forehand) he would be that much better if he used the example provided by rkelley. Can he hit the ball with more pace than me - yeah, probably but I'd win hands down when it comes to consistency and placement. He isn't all arm by the way and is able to generate wicked racquet head speed coming across the body which I like - I just like more weight transfer.

I know some don't care to move away from their all arm approach and I realize that for them, it might work. Many have learned this game when racquet/string technology didn't play such a significant role - that's just not the case anymore.
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