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Originally Posted by rkelley
If you try to hit 100 mph forehands with just your arms, assuming that's even possible, I think you'll tear your shoulder apart pretty quickly.
No doubt, agree with this point 100 percent. Only I think the trunk doesn't drag..

Dragging the arm, trying to maintain a constant angle at the elbow joint, results in an isometric or so biceps action that stiffens the swing.

This is ok if I have to manage an hard ball .. but I'd clearly divides the cases where our priority is to accelerate the racket head from where our priority is to maintain a stable head of the racket, and this depends, at first, on the speed of the incoming ball.

By me seems to have great raq. head acceleration, the elbow needs some independence form the shoulder joint.. this mean, at the end, to have active biceps during the forward swing.

Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
IMO you and the OP make some good points here and that maybe the body does more to position the arm so that then the arm can create the acceleration of the racket. Oscar often talks of how much the biceps are involved.
I don't know so much about the Oscar Wegner method, only here I read something, but agree , biceps , forearm pronator and fingers tendons .. imho have the control of the raquet head acceleration.
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