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Originally Posted by forehand_dude View Post
But it was a standard part of the culture not to play the AO back then. To make a fair comparison, if Federer had only played one AO he would have 12 majors. If he had only played one AO and also retired at age 26, he would have 9 majors.

11 > 9, so Borg > Federer
Your reasoning is skewed, in that there is no rule that says "GOAT candidates' achievements are to be judged at 26 years of age". We must look at their whole career, and if Borg stopped at 26, tough luck to him (otherwise, Chang could be considered the GOAT, you would just have to put the limit at 17 and several months). When you look at their slams, there is no doubt that 16 out of 4 >>>>>>> 11 out of 2.
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