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Originally Posted by toly View Post
This is a very bold statement. You are a Mechanical Engineer. Can you prove your claims using the scientific approach? Please feel free to employ any formula, the laws of physics, math, etc.

Happy New Year!
1/Leg and core rotation provide the major power in rotational movement
2/Arm whip around shoulder provide the most racket speed in linear movement.
(1) provide speed if you hit with body and arm as one unit. Not the racket speed that give you the ball speed, but the compression of the ball against a solid object self create the ball speed.
(2) provide racket speed but their is only the arm weight behind the racket, law of physic on colliding will indicate that ball speed will not always as much as (1) particular when ball coming in great speed.

The best way is to combine both:
You hit with arm and body as one unit
Right by the time after contact, whip out your arm forward for more speed and spin.
Saying it is easy, but doing it need great timing and accuracy:
You extend your arm out by:
1/ keeping your arm loose
2/ time the push out of your arm by using your left hand: drop to the chest early will launch your right shoulder at the right moment.
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