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Originally Posted by rkelley View Post
... but the majority of the power is coming from the core rotation that starts with the legs, then through the hips and shoulders.

Originally Posted by toly View Post
This is a very bold statement. You are a Mechanical Engineer. Can you prove your claims using the scientific approach? Please feel free to employ any formula, the laws of physics, math, etc.

Happy New Year!
Hi Toly. I don't think of this statement as being bold or controversial. Go to just about any instruction site and you'll see something similar said. It's completely consistent with what I see when I watch pros and high level players hit, and it's completely consistent with my own personal experience.

Meaning no disrespect, but it just seems really obvious to me. Yes, I am a mechanical engineer. As an engineer I'd tell you that muscles groups in your legs and core are far stronger than the muscles in your shoulder alone. Wouldn't it make sense to utilize those stronger muscle groups in generating power? An analytical analysis would need to take into account.

Seriously, just go out and hit some balls. Can you hit it harder when you use just your arm, or when you use your legs and body too? Do what works for you and have fun.
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