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Default Bret as GAMMA Tech Resigning

Hi All,
I wanted to personally (as an internet post can be) let all of you know that i've resigned from GAMMA as of Dec 31, 2011. I'm moving on to a position working w/ railroad products. It has been good getting to know some of you over the years. Thank you for helping me out w/ posts and sharing your personal machine/ stringing experiences and knowledge.

GAMMA has hired a replacement John M. I've been working w/ him the past 2 weeks trying to teach him everything i learned in 10 yrs. He will be taking over my former position and the GAMMA Tech login name (Ron may occasionally post), so you can still ask questions and get answers (part number from the back of the manuals and photos are always appreciated). Please be very patient w/ GAMMA and John during the transition there is a lot of info to learn. I wish all of you the best of luck.

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