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Bjorn Borg could have won many more slams. He defintly was better than Willander and Lendl on for those years he could have won a few more frenches.

Wimbledon....maybe 1 or 2 more if he hand't given up....McEnroe only came around in 1984. 1982 he was there for the picking and 1983 he wasn't as great. Connors was his pet dog. AO open...howerver he didn't play it so it pointless to say he will win.

Maybe had he played after 1981 then he could have bagged one or two. Should have kept going for the US open....I believed he would have scored in 1982 nd 1983.....Connors should have been beatable at that time for Borg.

Still this has never happened....he is stuck at 11 majors and will never be goat but he will be a great.
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