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Borg is getting way too much love in this thread. An uber rival had just arrived and Borg had already been a top pro for many years and was mentally getting burned out from his long and illustrious period at the top of the sport.

Borg was worth 11 - 14 Major titles (11 Slam events and someone would have to verify which of his 3 YEC wins were considered as a Major victory , I know that when Ashe won it in 1975 it was directly referred to by commentators as his first Major since 1969).

That's it, that's all, that was his worth and that was what he was good for. What if statements are utterly bizarre given that he retired himself and was mentally tiring and also probably physically on the verge of slowly degrading. It's not like he got shot or shattered his wrists and legs in a motorcycle accident.

What can't be questioned is that Borg was a great great player and one of the more iconic legends of tennis.
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