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Originally Posted by MarinaHighTennis View Post
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We played best out of 3 with a 3rd set 10 pt. tiebreak
7-5 2-6 10-7, If we played a 3rd set he would have won.

btw what should have been a recording of a full match ended up wasted bc of camera problems and the camera tilt in the 2nd set forward

Whats going on:
(me): Forehand down the line was good, backhand was solid, serve bad at first then warmed up to normal, approach shots good, backhand sliced failed me today (everytime he served to my backhand and I sliced it, I lost)
(him): Forehand good, backhand led to many short balls in which I attacked, serve bad at first then became normal, the forehand kept me in check.

The bad thing especially for both of us was the numerous double faults, we both got an ace but the double faults messed us up.

@yonex: do something similar to what I did (what you thought was good and bad from both of us)
@everyone: tips appreciated RATE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE

Nice hitting with yonex. Next week more

love this! finally seeing some good tennis by TW members. i esp love the aggressive returns dtl, etc. yonex with a big fh. good kneebend taking the ball early. i guess teh only thing is i would like to see more consistency (too many errors), and why the doubles??? you guys obivously can play, so why the doubles?
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