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Originally Posted by willroc7 View Post
High Tennis,

You have good foot speed and a nice split step. Your anticipation is also quite good and is not something that can be easily taught. Some of my advice here may be a little off base as you hit the ball significantly differently than I do. So if there is someone out there more versed in your style, feel free to step in. What I mean by this is you seem to slap at the ball and reverse finish as your rally stroke. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you might be robbing yourself of some drive through the court that comes with the regular finish across the body. My general advice about your strokes would be to slow down the motion a little bit in practice and try to add some fluidity. Think about hitting through the line of the ball and driving it forwards into the court rather than just brushing up behind it. Once you have the smoothness, you can add the swing speed back.

Starting from the first point, you have a nice split step, but from there your footwork bogs down. You take a reaching step-swing at the ball and don't put a lot on the return as a result. If you can, try to take one more small step to the ball after you split step to get yourself in better position. You are in better position for your next return and you play a better return. Work on getting yourself set into that hitting position as consistently as possible. See 0:23.

At 0:40 you probably could have hit a topspin forehand. This is when it's nice to use the reverse finish, as it will afford you the angle and topspin to get the ball back and crosscourt, even when you're not 100% set up. Good anticipation in any case. You made your opponent hit a difficult shot to win the point. You attempt to do this at 0:58, which is good. At 0:50, I feel like you need to do more with your return, and a traditional follow through could help you here. Your return is short and does not have enough topspin to bounce out of your opponent's strike zone on the forehand. If you're going to use the reverse finish, you really need to accelerate more to get more topspin and depth. When you follow through across your body, you hit a nice ball (1:37).

Don't approach on weak slices like at 3:05. Work on staying more grounded on your backhand. You jump as you hit it too much.
Thanks very much for the help. I usually don't hit reverse forehands but a big hitter like yonex forced me to. I do feel my footwork brings me down which I'm trying to improve
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