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Two aspects, which are mentioned in the articles, seem to me contradicting some myths and cliches about von Cramm: One, that he had a formidable serve, probably the best twist serve before the War, which contradicts, that he was a pure baseline or clay artist (i heard even Perry making such a statement).
In '35 Ferdinand Kuhn in the New York Times said "it is one of the finest services in the game."

I have these few stats on him.

1937 Wimbledon final Budge led von Cramm 2-0 in aces
1937 Davis Cup Budge and von Cramm tied 8-8 in aces
1937 Forest Hills Budge led von Cramm 7-5 in aces

1937 Wimbledon final
Budge served on 111 points and 15 serves did not come back: 13.5%
Cramm served on 76 points and 12 serves did not come back: 15.8%
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