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Originally Posted by Photoshop View Post
Good hitting guys (although there will undoubtedly be people rating you 3.5's )

My game is similar to yours in that 2-handed bh is better than bh slice... so I write a mental note to myself that if I can get into a position to hit a backhand, I'll hit a 2hbh every time instead of a slice. Slice is a good weapon to have but why hit it if it's failing on you.

Also I think your forehand take-back is too short. Have you tried taking a bigger backswing?
That's true I don't why I kept slicing when it failed me repeatedly but I feel I have to slice out his big forehands.

I have tried a bigger backswing but I feel it takes away time and I hit perfectly fine with my ugly looking forehand.

@willroc thanks for the tips. Ill try to get in better positions for my shots so I can hit through the ball.
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