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His stamina was such that he felt he had a huge advantage in the fifth set.
The London Times argued that the two bagels von Cramm gave Perry at RG were not due to his own improvements as a player, which implies a low level of play from Perry. But I'm skeptical, because von Cramm won several fifth-set bagels in his career. He even bageled Budge in their first Davis Cup meeting, in '35 (though Budge did come back to win that match).

American Lawn Tennis actually remarked that Perry had not realized the extent of "immense technical improvement" made by von Cramm, when he lost to him at RG. They also say that Perry's defense held up in the fifth set, but he was still bageled (unlike the first set when Perry made "a series of amazing errors").

The London Times called it "a disappointing final," but American Lawn Tennis said that the "quality of play in the [middle] three sets was equal to the best ever seen at Roland Garros."
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