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Did you know that Borg won 11 majors even though he retired at age 26 and only played the AO once? If he had played until age 30 and played all the AO's, he easily would have won 16 majors, and probably 20.

I think we've all gotten caught up in the excitement of watching Federer at his peak, but there is a strong case for Sampras and Nadal being his equal, and Borg being better.
But Borg's early retirement reveals that he was lacking the qualities of a player with longevity (either physically or mentally, or both, whatever triggered his early retirement). Part of being numero uno of all-time is actually going out there and winning for more years than the other guys. Sampras had to stick around and prove at least some longevity (hence he won more slams than Borg), so did Federer, so does Nadal. A great tennis career isn't just a sprint, but a marathon too.

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Borg's early retirement was also partly to do with his dispute with the atp. He played regularly in exhibition tournaments in 1982 and beat McEnroe a few times, and also beat Wilander easily on clay just before the 1982 French. borg would have been the heavy favorite in that tournament had he chosen to play
True, that adds another variable to why he retired, and it may be a reasonable reason to retire. In the end though, if you don't put the runs on the board, those runs are missing. Borg probably doesn't regret it though, since there is no actual title of GOAT. It's not like he missed out on anything.

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