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Did you know that Borg won 11 majors even though he retired at age 26 and only played the AO once? If he had played until age 30 and played all the AO's, he easily would have won 16 majors, and probably 20.

I think we've all gotten caught up in the excitement of watching Federer at his peak, but there is a strong case for Sampras and Nadal being his equal, and Borg being better.
Borg quit the sport in his prime...not due to injury, but lacking mental fortitude, which automatically disqualifies him from GOAT consideration.

Borg's competition got better and he quit. Legacy: Quitter. Which is why Mother Marjorie gives tons of praise to players like Roger Federer who chose to stay and fight, in spite of his competitors gaining ground on him.

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