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Hi TCTEN! I'm glad you enjoy the log. It's something I really wish had been available when I started getting old racquets, and something I really enjoy doing now.

As far as Rossignols go, I really want to mention the FGC. That one is probably my favorite Rossi of all time, being even flexier than my F200s... It might be a little hard to come by, though. Another one, that is more common, is the F250. It may not have that total F200 feel to it, but more of a "modern" touch due to the 60 flex. Great compromise of old school looks and feel and modern playability though, if you ask me.

You can't go wrong with a classic Rossignol, so I wouldn't only look for a certain model, but rather focus on getting one in as good a condition as possible. (Although the F-series would be a logical group of racquets to focus on.) Keep us updated!
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