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Originally Posted by albesca View Post
Tank you Papa for ur opinion. I don't talk about all the stroke .. i'm talking only about the forward swing. Before, body works hard for positioning and loading... but as the forward swing starts I think the body must reduce its role about to do the correct footwork and upper body would have to uncoils following the arm, and not driving it.
You are partly right about this accessment but also partly wrong. I would have to agree with papa, the body plays an importantly role in coiling, the body also uncoils as you bring the racquet out of the slot and forward unto the ball. If you look from the slot and contact the arm doesn't really move that much save for the forearm. As you continue into the forward swing the body stops rotation to allow the arm to 'snap' around the shoulder axis finishing the 2nd to last part of the kinetic chain (wrist being the last). Not very often will you find players extending the fully 180 degrees. Djokovic may be an exception to this rule.

So yes the body rotation stops acts like a fulcrum against the arm but it's the body who initializes the forward swing.

Read the article 'The arms swings the least' at will grasp the concept.

I like to think of this way. The arm lifts, the body hits!
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