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Originally Posted by albesca View Post
Start by saying that this is only the opinion of a tennis lover, I have the pleasure to share that opinion with you.

I think that pushing more with legs or turning fast the trunk will not help on producing more arm speed.

The speed of the arm is produced by the arm.

The important thing is to understand the body posture significantly affects the ability to swing fast the arm.

Searching the perfect distance and taking the perfect posture at a certain time, here is what the body does. During the search for the ball, the positioning of the feet, the body coiling ...the arm doesn't exist. But when it's time to hit the arm becomes the master, and the body simply has to follow his will.

Happy new year to all
Rudimentary physics dictate that one body that is carry by other will inherit it's velocity in addition to any velocity it generates by itself. For example if subway and I run from the from to the back at 15km an hour and the train is moving 60km. I have a velocity of 75 km.

This is the same for rotational acceleration, if my body is turning and my arm is turning as well, the arm will pick up the rotational speed as well as it's own rotation speed, but in this case I believe it's a exponential in gain unlike the linear example I gave you before (w^2). So it's hard to argue that the body doesn't contribute at all let alone not playing a major role in power and rhs.
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