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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
His actual frames, including close comparison of the moulds with retail versions of the K6.1 tour and BLX - except cutting them open to analyse to compostion - have been done multiple times and discussed, with close-up photos, on this site.

Federer uses a frame which is made in the K6.1 Tour mould. Whether it's different on the inside or not is not known. But the dimensions, weight, balance, swing-weight, grip shape and size are all known.
So if Federer's frame was sold to me on the flEa Bay for a final sniped price of $20k, would I be able to bagel every and any tennis player without any ATP points? However magical his PS 6.0 85 with a larger head is, I'll never play like him because YOU CAN'T BUY EQUIPMENT TO CHANGE YOUR GAME. End of my 3.5 rant.
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