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Originally Posted by toly View Post
Your statement contradicts with Bruce Elliott measured data

Topspin forehand (forward direction)
Approximate contributions to impact racquet velocity (%)

Shoulder 15
Upper arm - Horizontal flexion 25
Upper arm - Internal rotation 40
Hand 20

IMO, shoulder means: power from legs, core, and etc.
This power produces just 15% of the racket velocity.
The arm and its parts create 85%.
Thus, the arm actions are much much much more important than legs, core, and etc actions!!!
This i what i feel Toly.. without using biceps and forearm is impossible or so to transmit great amount of energy on the ball ... but this your last one is an exaggeration : "Thus, the arm actions are much much much more important than legs, core, and etc actions!!!"

The kinetic chain energy as a sequential sum of its segments energy, it's a myth. Each segment affect the operation of the other, don't add, so imho, to produce its 85%, the arm absolutely needs that 15% body work. Therefore, by me, despite their contribution in terms of energy is vastly different, their importance is the same.

What I do not agree is keep repeating that the legs and trunk are the mainly responsible for power. This causes players to forget the arm and lost years to strengthen legs and abdomen without seeing concrete results in terms of power ( but many other advantages..)... until one day, by accident, they decide to put a lot of attention and a lot of energy also in their arm.
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