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Originally Posted by Stringer_Steve View Post
I can see that they probably use the same mold, but that isn't something that the manufacturer has ever disputed (from what I can tell). It's the composition and the people posting that they "know" it is this racket or that. That's all I'm saying. 95% of the information in this section is purely speculation.
That being said, there are a few respected members here who currently either work in the industry, string on/or for the tour or have connections in the industry. But there is far more misinformation being posted as factual.
Nate Ferguson and Ron Yu of K1 who handles Federers rackets has confirmed that it is basically an of the rack k90 with custom pallets and a little lead at 12'. Good enough for me. Also confirmed by a very, very trustworthy poster with a HUGE collection of pros rackets, Equijet.
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