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Originally Posted by Dino Lagaffe View Post
The red F200 is in a very good used condition. I assume it was that flexible when new.
The F200 must have been made with a very high percentage of fiberglass. I really like racquets with fiberglass, which gives a nice flex and cushioning to racquets. I have never played with the F200, but the Adidas GTX Pro-T Ivan Lendl was a great frame from the same era.

Many Völkls, including the C7 pro (I believe) had some fiberglass in the early-to-mid 1990s. I moved away from fiberglass to the Fischer Pro Classic 98 and the VT Pro 98 , and varying Fischer new generations of the VT Pro 98. I have a large stash of old Fischer racquets in varying condition. I have yet to find a current racquet that I like as much as my Fischers.
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