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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
^ The role of the biceps is not as important as you seem to think. I do not see any forceful use of the biceps until late in the follow-thru. But I do agree that the role of the body -- legs, hip rotation, torso rotation -- is important.

Not certain that I agree with your assessment of th kinetic chain. The various links in the chain accumulate and transfer energy to the next link in the chain. In the study referenced by toly (above), Brian Elliot states, "In strokes where power is required (such as the service and groundstrokes), a number of body segments must be coordinated in such a way that a high racquet speed is generated at impact."

I don't believe that most players are in any real danger of not developing sufficient arm strength for tennis. Exercises to protect the shoulder/rotator group should be perfromed, but developing a lot of arm strength is not really all that crucial.
I agree with this post.
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