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I got a short hit with this frame and was very impresssed with this frame overall. I thought it played much like the PK 5G but a bit stiffer and with more pop. The specs are quite close. I would think adding a leather grip would make the frame a bit too HL for my tastes. If I was modify this frame I would be doing pretty much what folks have done to the 5G. I would be adding weight @ 2 and 10. That might solve the volleying issue. I did not have a bunch of trouble volleying with this frame.. but did not really have enough time to give it a real work out at the net. Most of time I was coming to the net to finish points on my terms. I did not experience issues then. There is quite a difference trying to execute reaction volleys in doubles vs put away volleys in singles. I loved the balance of power and control. This frame really fits well between the 300 series and the 500 Tour. It is not a Pure Drive clone IMO leans a bit towards the players side of the fence. I live in a cold weather area and do not play very much in the winter months. I expect to give this frame a real work out in March.
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