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Just got my set in the mail, so I figured I'd post up my impressions and use this as a placeholder post for my review.

Current racquet: EXO3 Tour 16x18
Reference string: BHBR 17 @40lbs
Playing style: I like to think of myself as a 4.5 Radwanska. I don't have big shots or any huge weapons, so I play a trickier game. However, while it isn't my main weapon, my serve is pretty solid as well. I hit with heavy spin most of the time, but I do enjoy mixing paces and spins up every now and then.

So I received the string today, and it felt almost like Focus Hex to the touch. It's almost plasticy, but not quite, and it feels light (weird, right?) to the touch. The edges are well defined, and it was a little stiffer than BHBR but not as much as BHSR, IMO. We'll see how it strings up at the end of the week-so until then!

Also, thanks for the string, Steve.
EXO3 Tour 16x18, BHBR 17 @something sub-40
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