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Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
As I understood Albesca, it's not just arithmetic sum, but there's a progression in how parts align and interact to create optimal conditions for fastest racquet acceleration at the point of impact.

I would also argue, that even if PROPER coordination/rotation of lower/upper body contributes only 15% to the racquet speed, LACK THEREOF might cause a 40% slow down.
Yes, I agree with you.

The problem is that we donít know ideal procedure on how to hit FH. After 30 years from now, current FH technique probably would be ridiculous. But, at least we should try to understand what is really very important and what is not.

For example, Lock&Roll coach emphasizes too much importance of the hips and body rotation. But, when he demonstrates FH, his arm and its parts (including wrist) are very active. Thatís why I dislike his monkeyís drum idea. IMO he puts wrong accents in his explanations.
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