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Originally Posted by toly View Post
For example, Lock&Roll coach emphasizes too much importance of the hips and body rotation. But, when he demonstrates FH, his arm and its parts (including wrist) are very active. That’s why I dislike his monkey’s drum idea. IMO he puts wrong accents in his explanations.
Originally Posted by albesca View Post
Yes Toly, i'm watched along L&R forehand video and I have come to your own conclusions !!
How does the arm and wrist being active negate the assertion that the power is coming not from the arm but from the legs and core? The arm is of course active because it's ultimately the thing that is being whipped by the legs and the body. And again, the fact that the arm is whipped into the ball doesn't mean that the muscles in the arm aren't being used. They most definitely are being used, but more like a spring.

Also you do realize that the Lock and Roll guy is a pretty accomplished player and coach? I've personally found his videos to be very helpful.

Just go grab a tennis racquet and a ball, go out to your favorite wall, and hit a few. Serves, ground strokes and overheads all work on the principle that larger muscles groups unload energy into whipping the racquet into the ball. Actually most sports that involve throwing and hitting things use this concept. Just throw a ball - same idea. Your legs and core whip your arm around to throw.
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