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Originally Posted by toly View Post
The harder we hit the ball, the more it is deformed and damaged. The damage of the ball is essential.
If we hit ball with racquet speed 1 mph, coefficient of restitution (if I remember correctly) will be around 70%. If racquet speed is 80 mph, this coefficient is just 30%. Thus, scientific data disagree with your statement.
Damaging ???
The harder we compress the ball, the more it will bounce out, if you do not comprehend this, and show scientific data disagree with me, I quit.
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If we rotate fixed passive arm and body as one unit, we will produce around 15% of the possible maximum of the racquet speed. See please Elliot data.
Sure, but the mass behind it as 10 time larger. result in the ball speed will be more.
Think, Toly, think.
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