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Originally Posted by MeggieTennisGal View Post
My 11yo daughter is crazy about tennis at the moment. She'll play whenever she's got a court and a partner. Her pediatrician advised us not to let her do too much. She says she has a lot of kids coming into her office with sports injuries, some of them pretty serious. Too much stress on growing bodies. She advised my daughter not to play through pain and not to play for more than a couple of hours a day at the most. As TennisCoachFla said above, the intensity of the workout is probably as significant as time put in in terms of stress on the body.
Totally agree. Repetitive tennis strokes, impact from high speed ball rallying, feet and ankles pounding on concrete, etc have significant effects on their growing bodies and bones. Overtraining and overcompeting might give great results today but .....may lead to injuries, wear and tear and untimely osteoarthritis. I heard of top juniors in our section stopped competing because of stress fracture of the arm, spine or shoulder injury. Growth plate injury of ankles appeared to be common too. Ultimately, parents are the ones that need to monitor hours juniors logged in practice/ play matches. No parents want their children's bodies to worn out before time (I hope).
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