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Originally Posted by Noltae View Post
Agree with Coachrick's tip of shaving away the leather - worked for me - first leather grip i installed - common sense really - plus if your using an overgrip its not hard to completely smooth out imperfections.. Also start wrapping on the bevel that most suits your grip.. Also a great way to bulk up butt cap too if thats your thing ..
Actually, if you look carefully you'll notice that the first inch or so of the grip was shaved, one of the reasons it ended up ripping. But to be clear, it is not the little bump where the first overlap occurs that is bothering me. What is bothering me is that when you go over that first overlap the lower edge of the material lifts hugely off the dramatically tapering buttcap and trying to get it to sit down causes it to pucker/wrinkle/bulge in a way that reflects poorly on the installer.

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